Employment & Training Services

MARC offers Training Programs, Job Fairs and other Community Services

Overview of MARC Member Employment and Training Services

MARC Employment and Training Services

CNA Training program, One on one training program

Since 1978 MARC’s consortium of 14 community rehabilitation programs have been western North Carolina’s leading providers of vocational rehabilitation, developmental services, and employment and training services for people with disabilities, disadvantages and other barriers to employment. Our goal is for each individual to have an improved quality of life through the meaningful medium and community of work.

Programs and Services

Each MARC member organization offers similar program formats and follow the same state and federal guidelines; however, based on the local culture, resources, and distinctiveness, each member program reflects the uniqueness of their respective community. Programs and services available from MARC member organizations range from Child Day Care services to Inmate-Community Re-entry programs. However, the most common programs and services among members are Vocational Rehabilitation Services supported by the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Adult Developmental Vocational Program services provided through the support of the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services.

Job Fairs - Employment after Training

Job Fairs - Employment after Training

Training services and support activities available through these two state agencies include but are not limited to: Vocational Evaluation (VE), Work Adjustment Training (WA), or Supported Employment (SE), Long-term Follow-along (LTF), School to Work Transition, Community Vocational Transitions-persons with Multiple and Complex Needs, Enrichment programs and Adult Vocational Activities Program, (ADVP). Many members have achieved CARF accreditation. CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities is an independent, nonprofit organization that audits and validates the practices of Community rehabilitation Programs in order to help ensure the services you use meet your needs for quality and the best possible outcomes.

CARF reviews and grants accreditation services nationally and internationally on request of a facility or program. Their standards are rigorous, so those services that meet them are among the best available.

Service Area

MARC members’ service area spans a 21 county region of western North Carolina that stretches from Wilkes County westward to Cherokee County; an area approximately the size of Maryland. Programs are organized on a county-by-county basis, with several programs supporting multiple counties. To view a list of MARC’s members and the communities they serve, please visit the MARC Members page.