Our View: A unique and lasting partnership for the good of our community.

In this era of mobility — from our phones to our careers — few are the employees who can claim the longevity of Greg McCann, part of the Boone McDonald’s crew who recently celebrated his 25th year on the job.

What is more remarkable is that McCann originally found his way into the position — and has maintained it — through Watauga Opportunities Inc., an organization for individuals who need assistance in building self-reliance and independence in vocational and personal living pursuits.

Watauga Opportunities Inc., a Boone Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award winner, boasts that there are "no limits to possibilities," and its wide offering of products and services certainly bears this out. From thermoforming and medical products to assembly, packaging and specialty products, we add the more than 1,000 individuals placed in jobs throughout our community and the success of this one organization is clear.

More, the success of employees such as McCann contribute to our employer base. While it may take a bit longer for a Watauga Opportunity employee to train into a position, once there, the commitment, pride and longevity easily surpass what would be the continued training costs forced through churn of other workers.

Our congratulations go to McCann for his dedication to his work, to Watauga Opportunities for its commitment to our community and, especially, for all those businesses and individuals who have chosen to partner with this organization for the good of all.

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